Coming Anyway

Its just

Curses on a blackboard stage.

Mind raped

Couldn’t feel it anyway.

Crooked fingers

Broken every day.

Is this what it means

To live a dream

Or I am just dying a little every day?

This is the last regret,

Before I take that bet.

Put my life on the line,

I will win every time,

Until that day,

I say no way,

But its coming,

Coming anyway.

Train tracks

Criss-cross my path.

Purple bruises

Pictures of the aftermath.

Empty sheets

Empty dreams

Things just not as they seem.

Is this what it means

To live in a dream

Or did I die yesterday?

This is the last regret

I tell.

One final curse

Before the bell.

It tolls for me,

Oh, can’t you see,

Its finally that day.

I told you it was coming,

Coming anyway.

Lying half-asleep

Drugged up beyond belief.

Mind in a haze

Lost inside a smoke-filled maze.

No one left around

Finally at peace.

Soul is shattered

Heart is dark,

Lights are off.

Told to stop

Couldn’t start.

You left me

Torn apart.

I am the defenseless,

I am the naked,

I am the helpless.

I am the shadow inside your soul,

You left

When I asked you not to go.

You are the path of broken dreams,

You ripped me apart

Pulling out every seam.

You think this is just a dream.

You think that’s not what this could mean,

But you should know,

You died sometime yesterday!

How is the bet you lost?

How dear to you was the cost?

Find a place to lay your head

Hopefully, somewhere soft.

Because the path ahead

Has lead you to the edge,

The bell it tolls

The dice is cast

Watch it roll,

Where it stops

No one knows,

Let the moment linger

Put a finger

Right there on your pulse.

Your heart has stopped,

Your hand was played,

Now six feet deep

You are laid.

Its finally that day.

It was coming,

Coming anyway.