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Worth Every Step

You just have to believe,

No matter what you see,

No matter what you think,

You might have, maybe saw,

See through the disguise,

Because Satan is wearing them all.

Blind yourself to the past,

Open your eyes to the future.

One is crystal clear,

The other cloudy.

Try hard,

Love harder.

Unconditional is vulnerable,

But the rewards are great.

Smash the mirror

When it lies,

Plug your ears

When your eyes fill with tears,

And don’t let anyone near.

Safety lies outside proximity,

The comfort zone lined with mines,

Loneliness your only company

And soon regret will join the group.

A trifecta from hell,

Let the demons dance,

Throw a little parade

Because nothing is decided,

Nothing is sure,

The score actually isn’t tied,

I lied,

And now the devil is gonna lose.

When you see imperfections,

I see something beautiful,

Something unique to you.

A story you could tell

A thousand times over,

And I still won’t get bored.

You’re not someone I ever could have ignored.

And when you realize that

Happiness won’t take so many tries,

No matter how many good byes,

And pain won’t be a surprise,

No longer an overwhelming flood,

At least for those cleansed by his blood.

Peace is the serenity

When you’re found the end of your rope,

And nothing you do will make it change,

You’ll find yourself free of cares.

So ready to just let go,

The long drop, full of promise,

But I won’t let you go.

Safety is nowhere to be found,

Certainty isn’t assured,

At least not right now.

Long road from where you’re standing,

Worth every step.


About boughtbygrace

I am college senior at Arizona Christianity University, majoring in Biblical Studies. So, yes, I am a Christian. This is something you can agree with or not, but is an integral part of who I am and cannot be separated from any other part of my life. This blog will vary between Christian thoughts, encouragements, and posts on various topics I'm thinking about or struggling with and posts concerning the novels I'm writing. Sprinkled in will be additional miscellaneous posts that may be a poem or a review of a movie, tv show, or anime that I liked. I am an amateur writer and I've almost finished my first novel entitled "Graveyard of Dreams". I have ten to fifteen other titles I plan on writing, ranging from Sci-fi to Fantasy to psychological horror to dramatic character pieces (those will probably novellas). I also write a lot of poetry that I also hope to publish. I don't write in one genre but I do have a distinct style that focuses on character development and unique situations with a lot of action. When I write, I emphasize the everyday human traits and reactions that make us who we are. That is what I believe makes a great story. Setting must match the story of course, and isn't less important, but if you can't identify with the characters,the story will always fall flat. I blog because Facebook and Twitter don't allow for full thoughts and the Notes application on Facebook on is a burdensome system that doesn't allow for friends,family, and (hopefully) future fans/subscribers to follow me over a series of weeks and months. I started a blog that will, at some point, be a temporary hub for updates and news on my writing, until the time comes for a permanent home on a website (we'll see). I wanted a place I can freely interact with fans and friends (in conjunction with a Youtube page I plan on starting) in a way that I can glean good, constructive feedback on my novels. Also, it is a great opportunity to fuel interest in my works and generate creative expression on the part of the fans. These are goals and dreams that I hope to make a reality in the near future. Until then, I am simple a man who wishes to make my inner thoughts privy to the world's ears.

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