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Would It Better If We Did Nothing?

I find it interesting that no matter the topic, we find a way to fight. I was unaware of the resurgence of the topic “the Invisible Children” until Facebook exploded with the discussion of Kony and the bloodshed and horrific acts that his army has committed. Videos appeared, comments were posted, and posts were liked. And then, as humans tend to do, we missed the point entirely.

We forgot that people were dying and complained that we weren’t talking about child soldiers in other countries, that we only care because its popular right now, and that we only post because, well, we’ve always cared about the children in Uganda (sarcasm not my own). I think every one of those comments misses the point. So what if “I only care NOW” at least I care AT ALL. So what if we aren’t talking about child soldier in other countries at least we are talking about THESE SOLDIERS. We look at these situations and see the emotions not the heart. I admit that it does frustrate me that there are millions of other tragedies that don’t get the attention they deserve because they aren’t “high-profile”. However, let me ask you this

Would it better if we did nothing? Would it make you happy if we just didn’t do anything at all?

I understand that in many of these situations, people only care because they watched a video and it broke their heart. Maybe they will forgot in a month or a week or even a day, but what if they don’t? What if one post on one person’s Facebook makes a difference? What if it took us getting off our fat, lazy American butts and just simply spreading the word to change the situation? So, honestly, I don’t really care if you like the posts, I don’t care if you agree with them. I’m just happy anyone is saying anything at all.

With that being said, let me defend those who are frustrated with the attention the Invisible Children are getting. We as Americans love the glamorous tragedies. We love the stories that pull at our heartstrings and we fall head-over-heels in love…. for a little while. The question should be asked what about the other kids? What about the sex trade issue in Arizona? What about the fact that sex trafficking is the number two illegal industry in the world right behind the drug industry? Shouldn’t that get JUST AS MUCH ATTENTION as the Invisible Children?

The answer, of course, is yes. Why? Because every act of injustice breaks the heart of God and should cause us to rise up and seek to eradicate that injustice immediately.

Do I want to see children abused, used, and killed? No, of course not. But my heart is especially sensitive to the plight of children. Some people in this world feel more strongly about helping drug addicts, or sex slaves, or those with mental disorders than they do about helping children. Am I going to judge them for that? Am I going to judge a missionary who doesn’t leave Arizona? Am I going to judge the missionary who only wants to go to Rwanda? No. Why? Because God has wired each of us individually and for very specific purposes.

So why can’t we all rally around one another and support one another? Why can’t we defend the cause of the Invisible Children while bringing up other cases, honestly desiring justice to be done in BOTH situations? Why can’t we stand up as one and strive to eradicate the exploitation of children while also striving to eradicate the sex trade industry? Why can’t we support one another in our individual pursuits of bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth? What I’m saying is

Why can’t we just get along?

Seriously, why do we act like fools, jostling for position, claiming OUR CAUSE is greater than someone else’s?

Should we stand up and ask honest, tough questions concerning the silence of other nations, despite the bloodshed that takes place there, the exploitation that occurs? Absolutely, but if you want to complain to me when I stand up for one cause and its not YOURS? Remember this,

Would it better if I did NOTHING?



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I am college senior at Arizona Christianity University, majoring in Biblical Studies. So, yes, I am a Christian. This is something you can agree with or not, but is an integral part of who I am and cannot be separated from any other part of my life. This blog will vary between Christian thoughts, encouragements, and posts on various topics I'm thinking about or struggling with and posts concerning the novels I'm writing. Sprinkled in will be additional miscellaneous posts that may be a poem or a review of a movie, tv show, or anime that I liked. I am an amateur writer and I've almost finished my first novel entitled "Graveyard of Dreams". I have ten to fifteen other titles I plan on writing, ranging from Sci-fi to Fantasy to psychological horror to dramatic character pieces (those will probably novellas). I also write a lot of poetry that I also hope to publish. I don't write in one genre but I do have a distinct style that focuses on character development and unique situations with a lot of action. When I write, I emphasize the everyday human traits and reactions that make us who we are. That is what I believe makes a great story. Setting must match the story of course, and isn't less important, but if you can't identify with the characters,the story will always fall flat. I blog because Facebook and Twitter don't allow for full thoughts and the Notes application on Facebook on is a burdensome system that doesn't allow for friends,family, and (hopefully) future fans/subscribers to follow me over a series of weeks and months. I started a blog that will, at some point, be a temporary hub for updates and news on my writing, until the time comes for a permanent home on a website (we'll see). I wanted a place I can freely interact with fans and friends (in conjunction with a Youtube page I plan on starting) in a way that I can glean good, constructive feedback on my novels. Also, it is a great opportunity to fuel interest in my works and generate creative expression on the part of the fans. These are goals and dreams that I hope to make a reality in the near future. Until then, I am simple a man who wishes to make my inner thoughts privy to the world's ears.

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